Our CARE team works with various departments on campus to assist students with medical, social, 以及学术上的担忧. The team works to connect with students of concern to provide individualized resources and support for their personal and professional success. We're here for whatever you or a friend of yours needs to be in the best possible position for success and wellness.



Information provided on the form will be sent to the appropriate College official for further review and follow-up. Privacy will be maintained throughout the outreach and connection process. Your name will be submitted along with the information you provide. This report is used to report non-emergency information. 请提供清晰详细的信息. 常见的CARE问题包括但不限于:
  • Mental Health; Physical Health; Wellness
  • Class Attendance; Academic Challenges; Student Accessibility Needs
  • Social Connections; Peer Relationships; College Involvement; Transition to College
  • 注:我们认真对待所有问题. An inquiry normally begins within 48 hours of submission.


  • 紧急情况

    ... 有紧急情况

    如果你感到威胁, 或者担心某人的健康状况, safety, 或福利, 拨打校园安全电话(717).815.1314). They can work with you to assess the situation and determine if immediate action is necessary or if a referral to the 住宿生活办公室 (717.815.1281)是合适的.

  • 令人不安的行为

    ... 你会看到令人不安的行为

    If you are concerned about someone's behavior or you have information about a student that causes you concern, 请致电学生事务办公室(717).815.1461)或居住生活办公室(717).815.1281). The Dean of 学生发展与校园生活 or The 住宿生活办公室 can work with you to determine the next appropriate step(s) which may include a referral to 卫生服务 (717.849.1615选项3),咨询服务(717).815.6437), the CARE team or other campus/community resources.

    Students can be referred to the CARE team via professors, 校园安全主任, 居民助理, 餐厅工作人员, 学术顾问, parents, etc. The concerns shared could be 行为, medical, personal or academic. CARE团队可以直接发电子邮件至

  • 非正式的报告

    ... 你想私下谈谈

    If you are a student and would like to CONFIDENTIALLY discuss a concern, 请拨打717与咨询服务部联系.815.6437.  Discussing an issue with the 咨询服务 is NOT considered an official report


  • 学生可能需要帮助的迹象是什么?
    • 学业成绩的下降
    • 行为上的巨大变化
    • 体重增加或减少
    • 口齿不清或思维混乱
    • 上课睡觉
    • 个人卫生不良
    • Repeated hangover or other signs of drug or alcohol use
    • Sadness, anxiety, irritability, depression, poor concentration
    • 过度依赖你
    • 不稳定的情绪反应
    • 公开提及自杀或伤害他人
    • Is the main focus of other student's complaints or concerns
    • Repeatedly requests deadline extensions or begins missing classes/meetings
    • 暗指骚扰或攻击
    • 屡次违反社区行为规范
    • 破坏类
  • 我该如何转介,转介给谁?

    Knowing where to refer to students is sometimes difficult, 作为学术, 行为, 精神问题经常会同时出现.  如果有人的生命受到威胁, 在这种情况下,你应该拨打911, you can refer a student to Counseling or 学术顾问, 然后谁可以发起其他转介, 如果有必要的话. 为您提供推荐,您应该:

    • Tell students that "there are several places you can go on campus for help, including the Dean of 学生发展与校园生活, 学术顾问, 及谘询服务."
    • Reassure the student that it is an act of strength to ask for help after all. 避免面对问题要容易得多.
    • Dismiss the myth that only "weak or crazy" people turn to others for help. In fact many students use 咨询服务 every year. That doesn't include the students who go elsewhere on campus for help.
    • 如果你推荐学生去咨询服务, remind them that counseling services are free and confidential: they are NOT part of the student's academic record.
    • Offer to help make the initial contact with the Dean of 学生发展与校园生活, 住宿生活办公室, 学术顾问, or 咨询服务: you can make a phone call together to set up an appointment or walk the student to the appropriate office.

    While you don't want to intrude into a student's personal life, it's OK to follow up later (and may make the student feel better) by saying something, “我希望你最近过得好些."

Phone: 717.815.1281
Fax: 717.849.1644

星期一至星期五:上午八点半.m. - 5:00 p.m.

星期一至星期四:上午8时.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
星期五:上午8点.m. - 11:30 a.m.

紧急情况:与校园安全部门联系 717.815.1314