Please read this prior to submitting an application. 


An internship is an educational experience that offers students the opportunity to earn academic credit for experiential learning. 实习 are designed to enhance a student’s professional preparation and career opportunities. The internship must be completed at an approved site where the supervisor has agreed to provide structured learning experiences that will support specific learning objectives, 为了获得信用.

学生 must complete an Internship Application and receive final approval from the Dean of their school. Links to the Internship Application are available in Handshake and on the 职业发展中心 website. 请提前查看细节. 


  • 学生 must successfully have completed 60 credits
  • 学生必须至少有2个.5累积绩点
  • Minimum of 120 hours is required to earn 3 internship credits; students are limited to 2 different internships for a maximum of 6 credit hours of Internship in their degree program
  • 学分申请实习, which is initiated by the student and requires action and response from the student, 教师顾问, 实习地点和学院院长, must be completed by all parties prior to the Add/Drop deadline for the appropriate semester.

*Please remember until a final confirmation email to the YCP Email is received the internship has not been approved. 


Once an internship has been secured, students should follow the steps below:

  1. Contact your 教师顾问 to discuss and determine appropriate Learning Objectives and Learning Activities for the internship experience.
  2. Obtain an electronic syllabus from your 教师顾问.
  3. Complete the Internship for Academic Credit Application for the appropriate academic term. 一次由学生提交, the Application will be sent electronically to the student, 教师顾问, and the site supervisor for their agreement and response.
  4. After all parties agree and respond to the application the materials are submitted to the appropriate Dean of the School for review and approval.
  5. After 职业发展 receives the Dean’s approval, the internship will be added to the student’s course schedule for the appropriate academic term and the student will be notified. Please note that all outstanding financial obligations including those for the internship must be taken care of before the internship will be added to the student schedule.

*Please note this is the student’s responsibility to facilitate the internship application process through receipt of the confirmation email.

**电子邮件地址 should be used for any correspondence regarding internships.

***Remember that the completed Internship Application, including the proposed Learning Agreement and related agreements, must be received by 职业发展 on or before the last day to add a course for the semester (Drop/Add Deadline).

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