文化. 创造力. 社区.

位于约克市中心历史悠久的市场区, Marketview艺术 is the hub for culture 和 creativity for York College in the community.

美术s majors have the opportunity to hone their craft in the York College Studios while finding inspiration in art galleries throughout the building. 

生成2,000平方英尺, the changing art exhibitions in 美术馆大厅 are the perfect backdrop for community gatherings or private events. 在Marketview艺术,每个人都能享受到一些东西!

Marketview艺术位于宾夕法尼亚州约克市中心西费城街37号. Marketview艺术为学生和当地艺术家提供工作室和画廊空间, 和 it is a venue for cultural events 和 programs for York College students 和 the Downtown York community. Download a transcript of this video.


  • 学生艺术工作室

    学生艺术工作室为学生提供了一个创造性的工作空间 上诉艺术研究员, as well as a space for undergraduate 学生们在社区导师的指导下微调他们的手艺. 毗邻工作室, 教室实验室是用于ladbrokes立博亚洲美术课程的多功能空间, 研讨会, 小型展览, 和更多的.

  • 访问or 服务 Student 工作人员

    York College students in a variety of majors staff the visitor desk in the 在Marketview艺术购物, 在艺术机构获得实际工作经验.

  • DelliCarpini 社区 Art Scholarship

    成立于2016年 DelliCarpini 社区 Art Scholarship is awarded annually to an incoming student with plans to concentrate their studies in an arts-related discipline at 宾夕法尼亚ladbrokes立博亚洲. In order to be considered for the scholarship, 即将入学的学生必须以决赛选手的身份参加 York 社区 Art Scholars Exhibition 在高中的时候. In addition to receiving the scholarship award, the 社区 Art Scholar works with the leadership at Marketview艺术 in supporting the College’s role in the cultural community.

  • 上诉艺术奖学金

    Made possible through the generosity of Mr. 小路易斯·阿佩尔.和安妮M. 和Philip H. Glatfelter, III Family Foundation, the 上诉艺术奖学金 is awarded annually to a recent graduate of the York College 美术 和 平面设计 program. 的 Fellowship provides a promising early-career artist with an 11-month artist-in-residence position at Marketview艺术, where they can contribute to the growth 和 development of the Downtown York Arts District, refine their artistic abilities, 培养策展和艺术管理方面的技能.


  • 计划行程


    37 W. 费城的街道

    星期二bbbb10点.m.–2 p.m.
    星期四下午10点.m.–2 p.m.
    星期六下午10点.m.–9 p.m.

    Garage parking is available 下一个 door at 25 W. 费城圣. 和 street parking is available on W. 费城圣. 和N. 乔治·圣. 参观 York City 停车 Bureau website 详细信息.

    From the York College Main Campus
    Downtown York is a short bus ride from stops just a block away from the College's main campus via Rabbit Transit 路线8秒 和 路线9年代或者从北校区步行1英里,经过风景优美的地方 文物铁路径.

    717.815.1909 | marketviewarts@dailypattern.net

  • 在Marketview艺术购物


    在Marketview艺术购物, 位于一楼,就在主入口内, features original art for sale by the Marketview Artists (professional artists who work out of the 艺术家地下 studios), as well as Marketview艺术-br和ed merch和ise 和 merch和ise such as T-shirts 和 notebooks featuring designs by the Marketview Artists. 商店还出售小吃和冷饮,并提供舒适的, 温馨的氛围,让游客坐下来工作, 闲谈,聊天, 或者只是放松.

  • 举办活动


    美术馆大厅 在Marketview艺术获得了2分,000平方英尺的艺术画廊,全年都有展览. Past exhibitions have featured work by popular local artists as well as work by nationally- 和 internationally-renowned artists. 画廊大厅可供租用,作为举办婚礼等活动的场所, 毕业舞会, 表演, 和演示. 房间最多可容纳112-120位客人就座(视布局而定), 最多可容纳150位客人. 的 combination of historic charm 和 a chic, 艺术氛围使画廊大厅成为任何场合独特而美丽的场所.

    候见室 is a flexible space that can be used in combination with 美术馆大厅 for check-in or food service, or on its own as a meeting room. 的 候见室 can accommodate up to 30 st和ing or 10-14 with a conference-style setup.

    教室里的实验室 is a multipurpose space behind the student art studios that can be used for classes, 研讨会, 小演讲, 和更多的. It can accommodate up to 35 guests seated.

    Marketview艺术的商店 is used as a retail space during visitor hours, 但可以在下班时间租用,用于小型聚会或招待会. 这个舒适的空间舒适地容纳多达30位客人站立.

  • 艺术家地下


    在市景艺术大楼的下层, referred to as the 艺术家地下, 拥有几个工作室空间,由当地专业艺术家租用. 艺术家们使用各种媒介,包括绘画、摄影等.



    A visual artist 和 resident of York, Jeannine Dabb returned to college to study painting after 22 years as a small business owner in the medical aesthetics industry. She graduated from 宾夕法尼亚ladbrokes立博亚洲 in December 2020 with a BA in 美术, specializing in painting 和 drawing. In 2019, three of her artworks were accepted into the York Art Association Forty-Ninth Annual Juried Exhibition. In February 2020 she won an Award of Distinction in Emerging Visions at Creative York, 2020年7月,她在的 Grotto举办了第一次个人展览. Her work has also been featured in the York Fest Juried Show (Creative York) 和 the 2020 Annual Juried Student Exhibition at ladbrokes立博亚洲画廊.

    网站: www.jdabbartist.com
    联系人: jdabb@dailypattern.net


    罗莎·卢兹·卡特罗尔是一名拉丁裔自学成才的艺术家,出生于秘鲁. 她拥有皇后学院的社会学学位, 纽约, 和 a graduate of the School of Social Work 和 Art 的rapy Program  from  纽约 University. 目前,她将自己的时间分为艺术家和艺术治疗师. Rosa Luz works on commissions, 和 community art projects from her studio in Marketview艺术. 作为一名艺术治疗师, she works as an independent contractor throughout York 和 Dauphin County with a diverse age population, utilizing a client-centered modality.

    网站: www.rosaluzartstudio.com

    华盛顿·温诺娜图片公司 (Studio D)

    华盛顿·温诺娜图片公司, co-owned by Miles Murdaugh 和 Francisco Soto, 是专业的摄影摄像公司生产成本低吗, high-quality images 和 video capturing events, 体育, 和娱乐. 他们还制作了一部纪录片,并从事自由摄影. 该公司被提名为2019年布鲁姆商业资助决赛选手, 有资格成为盖蒂图片库的贡献者, 和 has an FAA Part 107 commercial drone license which has allowed them to conduct hundreds of flights for multiple projects. In 2020, they received an honorable mention in the Yorkfest Adult Juried Exhibition 和 were finalists for the York Cultural Alliance Artist Innovator Award. 的ir most recent work includes the exhibition Through Our Lens: I Can’t Breathe,在市场观艺术和议会艺术组织展出.

    “我珍惜我在相机后面和编辑照片的每一刻. 没有什么能像组成完美的记忆,弯曲的光 & time to tell a story 和 create history.——Miles Murdaugh,合伙人

    从一开始, our mission has been to improve our photography 和 be able to tell stories that will reach others that can’t be there in the moment.——弗朗西斯科·索托,合伙人

    网站: www.winnonaimages.com
    联系:872.207.4083 or miles@winnonaimages.com

    Majela Burg(工作室G)

    故事供应公司. (二楼打印车间)

    故事供应公司. 是一种设计, 屏幕打印, 和 craft stationery manufacturer specializing in h和made leather 和 paper goods 和 shirt 和 poster printing.

    网站: www.storysupplyco.com
    联系人: vito@storysupplyco.com or gabed@storysupplyco.com

37 W. 费城的街道
电话: 717.815.1909


星期二bbbb10点.m.–2 p.m.
星期四下午10点.m.–2 p.m.
星期六下午10点.m.–9 p.m.