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Jeannine Dabb


Jeannine Dabb Is an artist residing in York, PA. After 22 years of owning a small business in the medical aesthetics industry, she recently returned to college to study painting. She is graduating from 宾夕法尼亚ladbrokes立博亚洲, in December 2020 with honors and received her bachelor of fine arts with a minor in art history. 毕业后, Jeannine became the 10th Appel Fellow and is now the Artist in Residence at Marketview艺术 in York, PA, 是宾夕法尼亚ladbrokes立博亚洲的一部分. She has consistently gotten into local and international juried shows and has won numerous awards.” High Tides” on exhibition at Hood College Galleries till January 17, 2023, is Jeannine’s 5th solo show in two and a half years.

Jeannine Dabb, 2021-2022 上诉艺术研究员

了解更多关于艺术家Insight and Advice for Prospective Fellows

  • What things did you accomplish as an Appell Fellow of which you are most proud?

    I am most proud of overseeing Stauffer’s Mural Project. It was my first opportunity to oversee and work alongside students in creating the first project that allowed students to design and create murals that are now hanging in Stauffer’s Cookie outlet. This project helped me learn what it takes to lead, 直接, 期待意外, 坚持到底. 

  • How did the Appell Fellowship help you to advance your own goals as an artist and/or help you to advance the arts community in York?

    Working as an Appell Fellow placed me in situations I may not have been in otherwise. It included me in meetings and places that I might not have been otherwise. 我有很棒的导师, 欧菲莉亚钱, 帕梅拉Hemzik, 马修Clay-Robinson, and Ry Fryar who helped 直接 me with my professional development.

  • If you were talking to someone considering applying to be an Appell Fellow, 你会对他们说什么?

    I recommend to all YCP 美术 and 平面设计s students to consider the Appell Fellowship. It is an amazing opportunity to focus on growth as an artist, with the support of the local York Community.